Amiigo is Wavelet Health

Research platform

Empowering investigators, patients and sponsors with comprehensive tools to transform health data collection and analysis in clinical studies. →

Consumer Partner

The same wearable sensor data and scientific library used by clinicians is unlocked for consumers to use to better their health and quality of life. →

We're making a difference in health research

At the inception of Amiigo, our mission was to utilize wearable, mobile and cloud technologies to better understand the human body and provide actionable user feedback.

Like many startups, we encountered some road bumps and it took us some time to find our footing, but this ultimately led us to innovations that are positively impacting patient care.  Wavelet Health, formerly known as Amiigo, now works with clinics, academia, pharmaceutical companies, insurance providers and other research-focused organizations who conduct and sponsor health research initiatives.  For more information about the transformation, please see our blog post and please visit to see the latest products, technologies and applications we are working on.  

We are also excited to see Biostrap, who has acquired the rights and license to the technology for consumer applications, take exercise and fitness tracking for consumers to new heights.  They have made a significant investment in bolstering the underlying technology that powered Amiigo, and are dedicated to making customer satisfaction the foundation of the brand.  Please see if you are a consumer who is interested in seeing the evolution of the technology that brought you to  

We appreciate your support over the years! If you have any other questions, please drop us a line at at Future updates can be found on our Wavelet blog.

-The Wavelet Team